About Torncraft

January 2012 - June 2015

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Torncraft was a Minecraft server originally created by skippito for Clan [Torn] which seems to originally be a clan for Call of Duty 2. It originally started in January 2012 as a private server running CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.0. In June 2012, the server went public.

The server's main focus was community interaction. Although Factions was one of the predominant plugins on the server, Torncraft was not exactly a "Factions server." The existence of Factions was originally for claiming land, but since PvP was enabled, wars between factions sometimes happened, and that was fun. There was some strife and some resets and many mistakes by the admins (me ;p) but the server kept evolving, with a very tiny population and meager amounts of donations, most from one or two people, to keep the server up.

The server finally died in June 2015 (though it was basically a zombie during 2015) when all the admins with knowledge of configuration left, of both exhaustion of administrating the server and the game itself.

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