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Last updated March 27, 2014.

The server


Torncraft is an all-inclusive, friendly community-based Minecraft server with multiple gamemodes, all centered on the feats a community can achieve.


There are seven ranks, ordered in importance and influence in the server:

[O] : Owner
Owns the server. There is absolutely no way to get this.
[A] : Administrator
There is virtually no way to get this. Prerequisite: Moderator.
[M] : Moderator
Get selected by the staff and choose to do this job. If you ask for it, you won't get it. Prerequisite: Trusted
[T] : Trusted
Play often and cause no problems in the server. No donation required. However, it can be combined with donator to get all donator perks plus access to extra worlds.
[$$$] : Contributor
Donate $20 or more. Lasts for a month.
[$] : Donator
Donate $5 or more. Lasts for a month.
... : User (no prefix)
Log in once to the server.

Rules and regulations

Since people tend not to like reading rules, I've tried to make these "succinct and concise." (that means short and sweet)

Rules (incomplete)

There are actually just two main rules here. However, these can be divided further into more specific categories, as some variations of these two statements are accepted, while others are not.

1. Be nice.

2. Be fair.

Supporting the server


Torncraft runs entirely off of and is dependent on donations. As we have no stable source of money, we need the players to help us with paying for the server. If the monthly needs of the server are not met, Torncraft goes down, either shortly or forever. This has been the case for as long as Torncraft has been public.

Attracting new people

In order to function as a server, we must keep a constant flow of new people coming in, preferably ones that will stay and be nice. Unfortunately, as past experiences tell, this has been incredibly difficult to manage. Want to help? Here's what you can do:

Vote: Every now and then, in Torncraft, links will come up that ask you to vote. This increases our server's score and possibly brings in new players. As a return gift, we give you $25 in-game money for voting.
Tell your friends: From experience, word of mouth has proven to be the most powerful force in attracting people to Torncraft. Most people here are linked together in some way. Everyone brings their friends and plays together.
Tell people on MCF or other servers: Be careful on this one. Make sure you follow the rules of wherever you are posting. We are not responsible for any problems you get from this.

The plugins

This section is for plugins used in Torncraft. They are divided into two sections: gameplay-altering and technical, and affect certain worlds as indicated. Gameplay-altering plugins alter gameplay in some way easily noticeable by the player, while technical plugins serve as a base for the server to run on, although players may have some gameplay-altering effects.


These plugins interact with the player directly in some way to extend the Minecraft experience.


Lockette allows you to protect your chests, other containers, and doors from malicious individuals who might want to steal your items, sneak into your house, or destroy them. You can also lock doors and trapdoors so that only those allowed via Lockette can open the door and redstone cannot trigger the door or trapdoor in question.
Video Tutorial

Basic usage:

Right clicking the side of a container with a sign will automatically lock the chest such that only you can open it.
Right clicking another side with another sign will add a [More Users] sign, which defaults to [Everyone].

To add people to signs, right click the sign and use the following command:
/lockette [#] [line]
This allows you to edit line number [#] on the sign to read [line].

Special usage:

To manually create Lockette signs, put a sign on a valid location (in front of a container, door, or its dependent block) and write [Private] on the first line. If the location is valid, then Lockette will accept the [Private] sign and put your name on the first line, unless you put someone else's name there. You can also put other names underneath yours/the owner's name while creating the sign. If you need more room for lines, add another sign headed [More Users].

You can put timers on doors and trapdoors by using [Timer:#] as one of the Lockette lines, replacing # with the amount of time in seconds that you wish to allow the door or trapdoor to stay open until it closes. However, sometimes these glitch out and do the timer the completely wrong way. In that case, do /lockette fix while looking directly at the door or trapdoor.

To allow anyone to access but not destroy your container or door, add [Everyone] as a line. Anyone will be able to use it, but cannot break it.

When typing names of players on signs, spell everything correctly and as it appears in the list. (the actual in-game name, not the nickname) If a player name is too long to fit on one line, simply write as much of it as you can (the first 15 characters) and that will allow any user with those first 15 characters in their name to use it. This may be a problem when people have the same first 15 characters in their usernames, but this has never happened before. We will leave a precedent for later.


Factions is a plugin that allows you to create "Factions," which are countries composed of people, land, and power. As a user, Factions has many powerful capabilities, but you must first obtain the power necessary to use them properly.



Essentials is that plugin that you may not know the name of, but is very active and useful. It adds much to the non-vanilla game, augmenting your gameplay with features such as homes, teleportation, and colorful chat.


Players can request to teleport to other players using the command /tpa [playername].
They can also request another player to teleport to where they are standing using: /tpahere [playername].
Teleport requests can be accepted by the recipient by using /tpaccept, or denied by using /tpdeny.

All players can set one home that they can teleport to any time they want to. You can set this with /sethome and teleport to it using /home.



The worlds

Main Survival (Factions)

Economy-based Survival (Old Torn)

Vanilla Survival (Trusted)

The Vanilla Survival world is an extra non-faction, plugin-free world where only trusted players [T] are allowed. In this world you can help one another (even people in different factions altogether) in building large structures, creating cool underground bases, or even just playing survival for the fun of it.

Plots Creative

The default creative world (Creative Plots) is a superflat world where all players are welcome to get their own creative plot without the worry of other players greifing what they have built. WorldEdit is also available to all players as long as it is not abused to crash the server. Whether you want to show off your massive mansions or just practice building redstone, Creative mode is fun for all.

Freebuild Creative (Trusted)

Technicalities in the rules

This section outlines exceptions to the rules, random scenarios that may or may not occur again, and rules for admins that don't apply to players.

1. Separation of Staff and Player

Staff must be faction- and group- neutral and keep his/her survival mode game out of mind when doing anything staff-related or in the mindset of a staff member. To illustrate this, let's take a real world example. (names replaced with standardized names)


There are four people:
Bob, a normal player in Faction X,
Larry, a moderator and the leader of Faction Y,
Moe, a normal player in Faction X,
and Joe, a moderator in Faction Y.

The case:
Moe, a spy for Faction Y, unclaims all land in Faction X, including Bob's house.
Bob later comes online and is dismayed that his house is claimed by Faction Y. He begs Larry to unclaim his house.
Larry, thinking Joe claimed Bob's house using moderator powers, unclaims it and gives an angry letter to Joe. Note that as the leader of Faction Y, he could have also done this as a player.
Bob thanks Larry and leaves.
Joe comes online and notices that Bob's land is claimed by Faction X. Then he notices the angry letter by Larry and explains that Moe unclaimed all land of Faction X.
Larry realizes this and that his mistake lost his faction the rich loot of Bob's house. However, he has to leave, but tells Joe to reclaim Bob's house using moderator powers.
Joe reclaims Bob's house with moderator powers.

The result:
Bob complains that Joe did admin abuse and Larry's unclaim was fair because it was his mistake as a player because he could execute the same unclaim command as a player.
Joe tells Bob that his reclaim was fair because Larry made a moderator mistake because he was acting as a moderator reverting what he thought was admin abuse.

Who is correct? Bob or Joe?
Current consensus: No consensus. Need more opinion to declare as official rule. For now, interpret this depending on the situation, perhaps with an administrative committee.

2. Mobfarms and lag!

Mobfarms are allowed as long as they limit the amount of mobs present. If we find the server lagging because of this, we WILL find your farm and kill the offending entities. No repayment will be done, and farms may not work again.

3. What is server lag?

Many people complain of lag. It can be FPS lag, their network going out, or server lag. The rule about talking about lag here is as follows:

Don't complain endlessly of any sort of lag. However, if the server is lagging, it is ok to notify the admins without saying "LAAAAGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!". Complaining of FPS lag or network lag in general is discouraged, however, if you provide specific tidbits of information about your computer and Minecraft installation, we may be able to help you reduce the amount of fps or network lag.


The below is an archive of old stuff. It may not apply today and is most likely severely outdated.

Rules of Torncraft 2.0

These rules were from the old spawn of Torncraft II (the floating island). Today's rules are based on these, but are not exactly the same. There were also many small exceptions to other rules not present here, but they weren't in the spawn, so they aren't here either.

(These are copied DIRECTLY from the spawn)
1: No cheats, hacks, or mods that give you a major advantage. Mods like Rei's Minimap and NotEnoughItems are allowed.
2: Be nice. No excessive insulting/murdering. Be mature as well, and don't spam chat, or all caps. (You will be kicked automatically)
3: Don't use exploits. MC isn't meant to have those exploits. (unless they're a &aquirk&f.)
4: Don't use "bad words" or "profanity". However, words like "crap" and "shut up" are considered mild and are allowed. You should still not use these words for insulting others though. (Don't be rude)
5: Report hackers, abusive admins, and problems to or shoot a /mail to lekrosa. (/mail send lekrosa ) Please use screenshots to portray the issue. (Press F2 to take one)

There are no other rules in here, although spawn states that there are.


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