Torncraft History

January 2012 - June 2015

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The beginnings of the server: Torncraft Alpha

The server started out as a LAN server in January 2012 in skippito's house. Only a few could connect, and it was an offline mode server. Very few plugins were installed - most notably Factions, ChestShop, Lockette and Essentials. These were the core plugins which would be used later.

The spawn was a floating box in a desert which held all the information, shops, and some other stuff. Players could fall through a hole in the floor into a pool of water.

Unfortunately, this world soon got corrupted due to a bad shutdown, and a replacement was created with a snowy biome as spawn, most likely with the same floating box concept.

A private world: Torncraft Beta

Going public: Torncraft 1.0

The creative world and its issues

The world reset: Torncraft 2.0

For Torncraft 2.0, skippito decided to come back and worked with lekro on the spawn and server configuration. There were attempts to clarify server philosophy, but it seems they didn't seem to last. The spawn was a floating island this time, with somewhat better of a theme than before. The same concept of falling down into a pool of water existed.

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